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Living on less: a diary
 May 28, 2015  Blog, June, 2015 Newsletter

ItDoesTheJob.com Caitlin Maggs

Caitlin has 2 loves in life: peanut butter cups & taking chances. From today, our brave team member is putting herself right on the firing line. Eager to raise awareness of food waste and issues of living for less, Caitlin is blogging her way through the '£1 a Day Challenge.' Hold onto your chopsticks people, this is gonna be hard to watch...

My £1 a Day Challenge ­

Send help.

So, I gave myself the ginormous, balance­-crushing budget of a pound a day for food, for a week.  The Ritz for dinner, it may be not. Ring and cancel my table, Jeeves.

But all jokes aside, it means a lot to me... this little project.  It’s an important personal test of apathy with the hungry, strength of will, and an undeniable uncloaking of terrible food wasting/ indulgent lifestyle many of us (including myself) wallow in daily.

*Cue the violins and self-­orchestrated choir.

But did you know, we throw so much food away it could feed the entire world’s hungry population? Wasting this food costs £470year for the average household. We even blogged about it with our Top Tips for Reducing Food waste.  

So, it’s about time to rethink food waste and tackle these rumbling issues head-on.  

While it’s a challenge for me, it’s a reality for many.

I want to see if I can do it.

Every day on this week long challenge I’ll be blogging, tweeting and begging for scraps on my nearest and dearests’ doorsteps. I must tell you all this right now; resist.

While I may have those puppy-­dog-­Anglo­-Irish eyes all Bake-­Off loving grannies can’t resist, rest assured: this puppy can bite.

I WILL eat you out of house and home... and house again. Be warned.

So that’s really it. LET THE CHALLENGE...COMMENCE.

For a peanut butter cup binge eater...this will certainly be hard. But do this, I must.

Ready, steady...cook! (On a teeny, tiny, weenie budget)... *Stomach rumble.



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