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Our Packaging, Paperwork and Postage

If you're like us, then paper and packaging mainly clutters and creates waste.  Sometimes parcels come with more packaging and paperwork than product.  
We often find it hard to dispose of the unwieldily and sometimes un-recyclable packaging.  It’s not good for anyone. 

So, thinking long and hard we decided to do what we could about it… 

Our packaging: 

  • The Box: Our packing sometimes looks a little rough around the edges but every single order is packed especially by a member of our team.  We ensure it’s packaged securely so everything arrives in the best condition with the least waste; 

  • The Materials: we get a lot of packaging from suppliers and others in pristine condition.  This enables us to give it a second life by up-cycling it into our packaging to you; 

  • The Address: We only use external plastic document wallet when we have to- typically we attach the labels using minimum packaging and adhesive; 

  • The Labelling: We use specially designed hand stamps and iron embosser with or logo so we can personalise your order without the extra ink and materials; 

  • Packaging slip: instead of lots of paperwork (see below), we send everything bar the essentials to your inbox.  We add a small packaging slip for support and so you know who put together your order. The slip is designed to be reused so let us know, #howdoyoureuseyours..?

  • Over To You: Feel free to pass our packaging on...


Our Postage:  

We seek to use the most reliable, local and cost-effective delivery services.  

  • Best Delivery: That way we are safe in the knowledge that your goods will arrive safely, on time and in the condition we sent them out in; 
  • Your Savings: It also means that we can pass on the savings to you, offering free delivery on most orders over £50; 
  • Tailored Delivery: Other delivery such as next day and international is available- just check the individual products or give us a call; 
  • The gift that keeps on giving: We are proud to frequently use My Hermes as they use local people and local networks.  It also means that we can pass on a gift of your first delivery with them free.   


Our paperwork: 

  • Our Emails: We send as much paperwork as possible via email: including receipts and instructions;  
  • Everything You Need: Don't worry- all the necessary paperwork and will be included in the box; 
  • Keep It Safe: This way you have a copy of all the important documents and instructions saved in your emails; 
  • 24/7 Support: We’ve made sure our website is simple but packed with all the information you might need, from how-to videos, installation guides, Q&As and lots of other support.  Ready to view, download and save at a moment’s notice.  So you’ve always got more, advice inspiration and support 24/7 wherever you can access our website; 
  • Get In Touch for More: You can always contact us whenever you’d like.  


We continue to think of innovative ways of minimising waste whilst maximising quality and convenience.  
Minimising our carbon footprint so you can minimise yours.  

If you’ve got any ideas you’d like to tell us about, we’d love to hear them.