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Airius Suspended Thermal Destratification Ceiling Fan

Airius Suspended Thermal Destratification Ceiling Fan

The Airius suspended is one of the most efficient and cost-effective destratification products on the market and can produce savings of up to 30% or more in energy costs. The suspended unit comes in a variety of sizes depending on the areas you are tackling and fits discreetly into the ceiling. All units have a 2 year Warranty. Read More

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Suspended 'Airius' Destratification Ceiling Fans

The Airius product captures wasted heat before it escapes into the void above the ceiling. This warms the floor level, evenly distributing warm or cool air from existing HVAC systems evenly throughout the interior area to improve the working environment.

The 'Airius' Suspended Fan is an extremely quiet and efficient wind turbine that is incorporated into the ceiling height. Each ceiling fan takes in the hot ceiling air and transports it to the floor in a slow moving column of air to create a better working environment and reduce total energy consumption.

The Airius Suspended Ceiling Fans accommodate ceiling heights from 2.5 to 11 meters and are adaptable to changing floor plans.

Easy to install - Very power efficient, using a single phase electrical system that requires between 13 and 76 watts depending upon the model. - Ultra quiet, avoiding any additional noise pollution in the work/retail space.

Typical usage: Offices, Retail environments, Multiples, Showrooms, Hospitals and Libraries.  

All units have a 2 year warranty.  

They may be painted any colour required for an additional cost- please get in touch.  

Please find an information video about Airius fans below

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Model Specifications


Model Height Diameter Weight Watts Coverage Ceiling Height
Model 10 560mm 330mm 4.1KG 13-15 65-90m² up to 3.5m
Model 15 560mm 330mm 4.1KG 15-17 65-90m² up to 6m
Model 25 560mm 330mm 4.1KG 30-35 65-90m² up to 8m
Model 35 560mm 330mm 4.1KG 65-76 65-90m² up to 10m

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Airius Brochure (Airius_Brochure_-_V1.3_0_Fin.pdf, 2,597 Kb) [Download]

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To help makes things easier for you, we've given a guideline on the approximate skill-level and time involved in the installation of this product:

DIY: very competent and confident with previous experience and a head for heights; ½ day per unit

Professional: builder or electrician; ½ day per unit

Please note: some of you might think you're handier than you are! This is a guideline only, intended only to help you understand how simple installation is and whom you could ask to do it for you. If you were unsure, we would recommend getting the professionals in!

All your questions should be answered here.  Even more information may be found on our Inspiration & Advice and Glossary pages.  

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1. When do the savings start?


2. What are the running costs?

3. How will I save money?

4. I use air conditioning. Can the Airius fans still help reduce my energy costs in the summer?

5. What if I have split level layout?

1. When do the savings start?
The temperature in your building will be equalized within 48 hours or less following installation. As a result of the equalized temperature you will be able to reduce the setting on your thermostat, thereby reducing your costs immediately.

2. What are the running costs?
The running costs are dependent on the building layout and model selected. Models 10, 15 and 25 run off a normal 120-240VAC power supply.

3. How will I save money?
Hot air rises.  If you've got a high and/ or open space, particularly if it is not well insulated, when the heat rises to the ceiling it will disipate away.  You are contanstanly having to pump in new hot air to keep the ground levels (where the people are) warm.  By circulating the warm air around the room you can use all the heat and create an nice even temperature throughout the space.  This saves you a tonnes of money as you are having to heat less.  It will also keep the people nice and happy!  

4. I use air conditioning. Can the Airius fans still help reduce my energy costs in the summer?
Yes! In some cases the Airius can aid cooling and will reduce your energy costs.

5. What if I have split level layout?
The Airius can equalize the internal temperature of virtually every type of internal building layout and configuration.


Here are just some of the ways it does the job:


  • You can save yourself up to a massive 50% in heating costs after fitting one of our Airius fans.  
    A lot of heat is wasted through either the hot air rising and leaving the bottom of the room considerably colder or through hot air being given the opportunity to escape and let cold air in. With the Airius fan, it balances this and keeps the room at an even temperature, so you can turn the heating down drastically and make a considerable saving.

Better Consumption:

  • When you overcompensate for the bad air cycle in an environment, you pay for it. Both literally and with your carbon emissions so when you fit an Airius fan you can noticeably improve your carbon footprint;
  • Environmentally friendly, the unit is constructed from recyclable materials.

Feel good:

  • As well as the great savings you receive, you will feel more comfortable in the fan fitted environment. This is because the fan distributes the warmer air, evenly around the room so that the room is at a more comfortable, consistent temperature;
  • Quiet and energy efficient operation;
  • Increase productivity in a workplace with an even temperature throughout, so your employees will find it easier to concentrate and get the work done.


  • Easy and simple installation;
  • You may think that the fan may be like an elephant in the room but the fans can be as quiet as whisper, with the FH10 model ranging between 0-25 dB. Check ‘Decibels (dB)’ in our Glossary.


  • Can be mounted to ceiling heights up to 10 meters so cannot easily be interferred with.


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