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Christmas present ideas: eco, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products so you can spend to save
 Nov 20, 2014  Blog, December 2014 Newsletter

Christmas Gift ideas from It Does The Job

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It's never too early to be thinking about Christmas presents... is it?  

At the word “Christmas” we usually think of spending, spending and more spending.  
Spending money and spending energy and although we receive back, most of the presents we buy don’t have an actual return on the money we spend.  
So wouldn’t it be great this year to think a little differently and spend to save.  

This year why not look at a gift idea that is practical, energy efficient and that will save money in the long term!  

The clever thing is your Christmas ‘spend’ will help them ‘save’ – there aren’t many gifts that can do that!  What’s more they’ll be able to use them time and again – making them the perfect Christmas investment!

Here are just a few ideas of gifts that will definitely make a positive ‘difference’ to the recipient’s lifestyle and living costs!  

  • Bath Ball Dechlorinating Filter - a simple DIY filter for your relaxing winter bath.   The bath ball can eliminate up to 90% of harmful chlorine in your bath water.  The KDF 73 media in the bath ball disperses the chlorine that would otherwise cause irritation and problems.  The bath ball is extremely easy to use – simply immerse the bath ball in the water for 5 – 8 minutes to remove over 90% of the chlorine.  
  • Chimella – chimney draught excluder – the new must have accessory for every open grate fireplace.  Your chimney flue is constantly overlooked and could be one of the biggest contributors to heat and energy loss in your home.  Easy to install, the inverted umbrella design fits neatly into your chimney cavity and eliminates draughts – year after year! 
  • EcoFlap Draught Excluding Letterbox-  EcoFlap is super smart British engineering that uses the force of a draught to shut your letterbox tighter.  The harder  it blows, the tighter it remains shut!  So no crumpled post, trapped fingers or torn newspapers!  Simply fit to the inside of your letterbox; 
  • EndoTherm™ to make your central heating more efficient - an energy saving additive for central heating systems.  Available for commercial and domestic buildings, EndoTherm™ has been independently tested and proven to achieve a 15% reduction in heating costs.  Easy to use and with rapid results EndoTherm™ is a truly exceptional, cost effective and innovative product.  


Great gift ideas that make a ‘difference’ from ItDoesTheJob.com


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