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How to have an eco-friendly holiday
 Jul 20, 2015  Blog, August, 2015 Newsletter

Tips for an eco-holiday from ItDoesTheJob.com

1. Cooking
This may seem obvious to some, but many people don't recognise the sustainable impact cooking has on your holiday. The more foods you make yourself, the more involved you can get the family-  and the more fun to be had!  Check out some great recipes for the family.  

2. Packing
Lightening up your load saves money on baggage fees if you’re flying, and if you’re driving and increases your car’s efficiency. You could also pack items that can be washed in the sink and are quick drying so they can be worn multiple times during your trip.

3. Exploring
Often you’re visiting a place because of its setting so it’s important that we treat these environments with respect. It’s simple to do and doesn’t impact your enjoyment.  For example, keeping to marked trails to avoid harming native flora and taking your rubbish with you. 

4. Shopping
Wherever you are and wherever you go, there are always local options when it comes to consuming.  Local produce on holiday is usually very easy and fun to find as producers are keen to show off their local wears!  So why not taken them up on their offer and you might even discover something new.  When you have more time it’s also easier to buy other, non-food produce that has is local so why not ask about as to what you can buy from the surrounding areas and make the most of our holiday destination.  

5. Transport
There’s always more than one way to travel.  If possible why not take the train and make the journey part of the holiday?  When you reach your destination it might be a fun idea to hire bicycles which would be cheaper and healthier than hiring a car.  It usually also allows you to explore your destination more.  

6. “Staycations”
They're getting increasingly popular and as such there are even more options to choose from.  There are many ways to find these but you could start with this website:  http://www.ecoholidayshop.co.uk/


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