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100l Water Hotter Water Heating Unit

100 Litre Water Hotter - Integrated Air Source Heat Pump Water Heating Unit

An integrated air source heat pump to heat your hot water using waste energy from your home, office, or restaurant; energy that you would otherwise throw away. Average COP Value of 3.5! Read More

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How about an efficient way of heating your hot water..?
For 1KW electric you put in you get out and average of 3.5KW...

The 100 Ltr unit is fit-and-forget providing low cost direct hot water 24/7 and is particularly suitable for smaller dwellings and portable accommodation such as classrooms and meeting rooms.  

It is the lowest cost way to produce domestic hot water (DHW) all year round without fail and is half the price of buying and installing a solar DHW system.

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How It Works

Air containing heat (that would otherwise be totally wasted or ineffective) is drawn in to the top of the unit (via ductwork, if necessary) and the  heat is extracted from the air by the 680W Air Source Heat Pump and transferred in to the water contained in the integrated Direct Hot Water (DHW) cylinder and thus heating your water up to 60°C.

The heat extraction process will also dehumidify the air if it has been drawn from a wet room (thereby also preventing mould growth from the damp air source).

Heat taken from wherever you use waste it most
The ductwork (where required) can be rigid or flexible, whichever is easiest. Air can be ducted from bathrooms (where heat would normally be totally wasted through extractor fans), kitchens, laundry rooms, warm loft space, etc.

Keeping you cool too
Cool, dehumidified air is expelled from the unit and this air can be used to cool areas (such as kitchens, bedrooms, cellars, larders, etc. Our unique system can be used to direct cool expelled air outside in Winter and to hot rooms within the house in summer).

  • Lower your heating bills: The process guarantees very low running costs and hot water availability all year round ;
  • Fits in with you: The unit is equipped with an integrated programmer that allows run times to be set to suit your lifestyle; 
  • Safe and healthy: The Water Hotter will automatically carry out a weekly pasteurisation cycle to ensure the safety and quality of the hot water.



Heating Capacity 1 KW
Power supply 230V 50 Hz
COP 3.73
Air Volume 250m³/H
Dimensions 520mm x 1305mm
Weight 56Kg


ItDoesTheJob.comWaterHotterFlyer (IDTJ_Water_Hotter_flyer.pdf, 283 Kb) [Download]

Water Hotter - Install guide and Instructions (100l_water_hotter(1).pdf, 952 Kb) [Download]

Our products and solutions are no different from any other appliance buy you make. Apart from that they tick all our boxes.

To help makes things easier for you, we've given a guideline on the approximate skill-level and time involved in the installation of this product:

DIY: 8 Hours (Depending on site)

Professional: Tradesman: 4 Hours  (Depending on site)

Please note: some of you might think you're handier than you are! This is a guideline only, intended only to help you understand how simple installation is and whom you could ask to do it for you. If you were unsure, we would recommend getting the professionals in!

Feel free to download our installation guide or browse other downloads.

Here are just some of the ways it does the job:


  • The Water Hotter is up to 300% more efficient than an electric immersion tank;
  • Save against conventional systems: 70% against LPG and Oil, 20% against gas and emperor performance against thermodynamic panels (with less faff!);
  • Best fit Compressor: The compressors of the Water Hotter are selected meticulously and able to work perfectly together with other components of the unit in order to deliver maximum performance;
  • Solar Ready: If you have an existing solar thermal installation, you can feed the Water Hotter with the supply to drastically increase the efficiency and the amount of hot water available, additional coil required;
  • Works in Harmony with Infrared Heating.

Better Consumption:

  • High Density Insulation layer: High density foaming insulation material thickness of which is up to 50mm, thus ensuring great insulation and reduces heat loss;
  • Air Exchange (fin-coil) with Hydrophilic Coating: for better anti-corrosion protection and assists in a higher efficiency delivery;
  • Super Efficient: All Water Hotter units use 'best in class' components to ensure that our designs reach the maximum possible efficiency.

Feel good:

  • Monobloc Design: The fashionable appearance and all in one unit makes it easy to place;
  • Intelligent Controller: The controller has a WIFI module for short and long distance control;
  • Greater availability of hot water at all times: With the Water Hotter Active Flow technology, the mixing is controlled with hot water availability is increased by up to 30%.


  • Multiple Intelligent Operational Modes: Different modes can be set to ensure that your unit meets your every need. The simple to use controls allow you to set the Water Hotter to match different scenarios;
  • Constant, Automatic water replacement: When you draw off hot water, it is replaced by cold water. With traditional systems, this enters your hot water tank in an uncontrolled way and the hot and cold water mix instantly.


  • Intelligent Defrosting Technology: Is able to solve the frosting issues on the air heat exchanger even at the lowest temperatures;
  • External Wrapped Coil: By wrapping the coil around the outside of the stainless steel tank we deliver a greatly extended working life of the unit;
  • Accurate temperature detection: By setting two sensors on the top and bottom of the water tank, the temperature of the tank water can be detected more accurately;
  • The only MCS accredited products of it's kind on the market;
  • Hot Water For Everyone: Your Water Hotter can be set to store water at up to 60°C, and reheats water at approximately one litre per minute, to ensure that you always have plenty of hot water available;
  • 5 Year Warranty.


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