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Policy and Academics

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Press Cuttings

Sustainability Doesn't Mean Less Profit, It Means Profit Forever

10 things to keep your carbon footprint in check

Changing Habits of a Lifestyle

UK Slips to Mid Table in European Energy Efficiency Ranking

Labour Would Scrap Green Deal - 2013 EIBI

Green Deal Slammed by Watchdog - 2013 EIBI

Government Energy Survey - 2013 E@H

Sustainable Clothing Commitment - 2013 RetailEnvironment

Scotland Will Charge For Carrier Bags - 2013 RetailEnvironment

LA Bans Plastic Bags - 2013 EIBI

Waitrose to Halve Packaging by 2016 - 2013 RetailEnvironment

Reindustrialising the Throwaway Society - 2013 RetailEnvironment

Sainsburys and Google Team up to Fight Food Waste - 2014 RetailEnvironment

Welsh Retailers Praised on Recycling - 2014 RetailEnvironment

Seasonal Aspects of the Recent Pause in Surface Warming - 2014 Nature Climate Change


Case Studies

UKCS Maximising Recovery Review

Energy Entrepreneurs Report

Arctic summer sea Ice, Can We Rescue It?

Synthesis Report

House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Report

Recent Walker Circulation Strengthening and Pacific Cooling by Atlantic Warming

The Reversability of CO2 Induced Climate Change

Do Cities Stimulate Climate Change

Long Term Sea Level trends; Natural or Anthropogenic?

Reductions in India's Crop Yeild due to Ozone

Sustainability & Employee Engagement

Rising Air Temperature Caused Ice Shelf Collapse

Climate Change Could Leave Cities More In The Dark

New Paper Raises Question of Tropical Rain Forest Carbon Storage

Is It Cheaper To Heat My Home With Electricity Or Gas

Global Organic Environmental Survey 

Climate change attribution studies are asking the wrong questions, study says

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