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"May I say how pleasant and easy it is to do business with itdoesthejob.com.  

Dwight Wood and I have known each other  for more than 25 years.  What started with water filtration has grown into a relationship of much more.  Recently he helped me to invest in 16 photo voltaic panels, 2 heat exchanger panels, a new boiler, a new water storage cylinder, water filtration, chlorine filtration, a soft water system, loft insulation with sheep's wool and the new generation of lighting which is still a mystery to me.  I am happy to call him a great friend at the end of all that, so he must have done a very good job indeed.  In my opinion he has greatly improved the efficiency and value of my home in West Sussex where he did the work and I am greatly indebted to him.

Thank you for the new bulbs.  They are now up and working most efficiently and saving me lots of money.  They were, again I believe, a wise investment despite their cost.

I shall be happy to speak with anyone who requires reassurance or information about the work that they may be contemplating and whether itdoesthejob.com is the right company to do it.  Please give them my details if required."
Simeon, West Sussex

"You don't need testimonials from an old customer like me, as I would not have been dealing with you for the last 10 years or more if I wasn't confident that you deliver exemplary service every time, even when your chief executive Dwight Wood was doing most of the work, and built up the company from scratch, and the name change to IT DOES THE JOB epitomises his attitude to business.

Your ever loyal customer"
Wally, Selsey



"I have been recommending... [ItDoesTheJob.com]... for many years as an authority in water filtering, as I don't know anyone with more expertise on the subject... always very willing to use ...[their]... considerable knowledge to offer appropriate advice for each individual circumstance and ....[the] team at itdoesthejob.com are very helpful and competent.

I am very happy to recommend this company."
Diana, Worcestershire

"Recent contact with itdoesthejob.com was straight forward, efficient, product posted received quickly and contact kept throughout - very satisfied. Thank you."
Susan, Essex



"Within a week of my order 6 LED bulbs arrived and they are working perfectly. They do produce a brighter light but generate less heat than standard bulbs. So thank you Dee and your colleague Mitchell for LED light that do the job perfectly."
Ambrose, London

"I had been thinking of having a water filter fitted for some time. ItDoesTheJob.com handled my query efficiently and answered all my questions about what was available and what was best suited to my needs. Fitting was quick and efficient with minimal disruption. I would be happy to recommend the company."
Joyce. London


"I would like to say a huge thank you to Dee for having the energy filter fitted in my car, this has saved me a lot of money over the period of time I have had it. I would definitely recommend this product to colleagues and friends."
Terry, London

"I ordered some LED light bulbs from you. Prompt delivery. Thank you"
Alan, London

"Thank you so much for your very prompt and great service, many thanks & regards"



"They understood and helped me fix my water filter, will be referring itdoesthejob.com to my friends!"
Anne, Jersey


"Thanks for all your help and advice with the tap and water filter. We got there in the end! The tap arrived on the Friday as promised and was fitted that day. It looks great and the water tastes much better with the filter."
Sally, Hampshire


"I got the water filter and tap installed yesterday and as per the instructions left it overnight, before trying the water this morning. I have to say that water has never tasted so good. It really does seem to be doing what it says on the tin. Many thanks for your help and advice in choosing this system."
Mr Syed,


"I have been a customer of ItDoesTheJob.com for some five years now and am heartily glad that I discovered them when I did. ItDoesTheJob.com is always my first port of call when it comes to ethical and environmentally friendly technology."
Jeff Edwards,

“Thank you Itdoesthejob, we appreciate the great customer service we receive from all your staff in connection with keeping our water filters in top condition.”
Gwen Roby,
Quality Manager, Breakspear Hospital


"I have been a customer of itdoesthejob.com for many years and have always been completely satisfied with their service and reliability. They are a very friendly company and will do everything they can to accommodate."
Ed, Ilford

"It Does the Job delivered us an optimal LED lighting solution that is making a difference on the electricity costs but has not reduced the luminosity required for a busy Pub, highly recommended"
G P Hillman, Tenant, The Crayford Arms Pub


"Our LED light bulbs are great. The tone and colour of the light is much more relaxing and brighter at the same time. The kitchen and bathroom have seen the greatest change as these are now brighter, but I don't have to worry about the bill at the same time, as we have about 16 spot lights in each."
Karen, Leytonstone

"I love my 2000 water filter supplied by itdoesthejob.com. The filter is fantastic. The difference in water taste, as well as quality, is undeniable. The staff are so helpful so it is no bother to get one fitted. It's a small investment for a big saving in water quality and health. We are, after all, two thirds water so drinking top quality water is an obvious and simple step towards health.

Founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, author of Optimum Nutrition Bible


"Just writing to say what great products your reverse osmosis water filter and shower filter are. I can honestly say I am already feeling all round health benefits with the bonus they look great too. My real litmus test for a company is when things go wrong. I did have a small leak from the initial fitting of the water filter. I was really impressed the way your fitter Dwight dealt with this to put it right at no expense to me either in cost or worry. Its a comfort to know there are still companies who take a pride in service to customers and maintain an ethical way in doing business. Needless to say I have no problem recommending your products or services to others. Thanks for an all round great job and look forward to seeing Dwight on the service call."
Nick, Croydon


"An immediate response to my enquiry; all my questions answered; appointments easily arranged; communication efficiently via email; installation completed and although an initial problem was met, a call back arranged that was met with same consideration and efficiency. Dwight very friendly, polite, efficient and knowledgeable. Installation easy and any mess etc not noticed. Would highly recommend this friendly, family team and tap and cartridges a posh, new bit of adaption for my modest kitchen."


"I am very impressed with the speed and efficiency, the ItDoesTheJob.com has demonstrated in fulfilling the requirements of Vision on this occasion. You have done an excellent job and saved me 50% on the cost of my filters."
Vision FM, Dagenham

"The service was excellent and the product is very good! Feels like everybody from Itdoesthejob care about customers and all problems sorting very quickly! Team is honest and reliable. I really enjoy my filter and will recommend to my friends."
Tania, Westminster



"Dwight did a smashing job fitting my new rainwater butt. Fast, friendly and flexible service which I would recommend to all."
Thanush Bala, Westminster



"Dwight turned up as arranged. He did an excellent job and I am really pleased with the result."
John Stephens, Crawley

"Dwight Wood has been advising us about water quality and filtration for more than 25 years. He has also designed, supplied and installed Breakspear’s water filtration systems and has provided the same individually tailored services for hundreds of our patients. Over recent years he has broadened his range of services to research and supply ecologically sound technologies for the reduction of fossil fuel consumption in both commercial and residential buildings.
The consistently accurate advice and reliable service he has provided has been very helpful and this is why we trust and recommend his organisation: itdoesthejob.com"
Alister Monro, Hemel Hempstead

" Very impressive - bulbs and fittings just arrived! Thanks will get on to fitting these later."
C Wood

"Thanks to Dwight Wood at itdoesthejob.com for delivering refillable water filter cartridges and 2 years worth of granules - so I am not chucking out heavy duty plastic cartridges every 6 months."
Paul, Walthamstow

"Just Got in, turned on the hall lights - The carpet looks amazing with amazing new lights."

"Many thanks for the most prompt and efficient way in which you installed my PV and reverse Osmosis filter system".
Simeon, Bognor Regis

It Does The Job.com ticked as many boxes as possible for me. Always available with the right information and advice, they helped significantly in my attempts to become that little bit greener. I've recommended them to several friends already. Keep up the good work!
Ms. Wilson, London

ItDoesTheJob.com is the one for you if you need fresh ideas about that awkward job that you don't see how to do for yourself. Just the small irritating, maddening things or the Big Ones that seem to be impossible.
Mrs. Wood, Essex

Some things our customers have said about our Filtration Systems:

"Thanks for sending the replacement cartridge for our new kitchen tap - it is absolutely brilliant. Wally [husband] no longer 'curses' whilst he waits for the kettle to fill!!"
Mrs. Obermayer, Selsey

"Very happy with the service you have provided and the water filter, i have stopped buying bottled water, so convenient and definitely the way forward for all homes. I have actually recommended this to my friend"
Mr. Kalicharan

"Good product, good service"

"Excellent product"

"Good grief this tastes clean"

"I already do recommend you- it saves buying bottled water"

"Pleased that such a system is available"

"I should have got one earlier"

"The main concern in the slow flow rate. It takes a long time to fill a kettle compared with conventional tap"

"Service we received was excellent, fitting quick and efficient. I was very impressed"

"The water is excellent. It tastes as good as water straight from a natural spring - incorrectly assumed they had one of your filters"

Feedback from our HeatStation installations:

"In April the pool... was quite swimmable... now in June... (the temperature is) hovering around 28 degrees even today with no sun at all! It's saving us about £200 per month on electricity ... so for the whole year we should save £2k ish p.a. payback 9 years, but power costs are going up! It's a better return by a factor of 2 than an annuity from my pension provider at 5.5% i.e. 18000 x 5.5% = £990 so the money is better in the panels than in my pension!"
Mr. Corbishley, Northampton

"Thank you very much for installing the solar heated water system in our house. It was great that you dealt with the local planning department as my house is in a conservation area!
Your team were very efficient and tidy and the system is working well. My children love the fact that they can see the heat of the water in the tank and the temperature of the solar panel on the digital read out! Many thanks for a succeful project completed"
Mrs West, London

"itdoesthejob.com is a lovely friendly company - great to do business with"
Mrs Olende, London