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Water: Guides and Scrapbook

Hello, this page contains lots of inspiration and advice related to 'Water'.  From our buying guides, to case studies and interesting articles in the press

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Press Cuttings

Marine Biodiversity & Global Warming - DrydenAqua 2011

Rainwater Harvesting at Football Centre - EIBI 2012

How Important is Water to The Lymphatic System? - 2013


Water and Filtration

New Filtration Technology Reducing Arsenic Poisoning In West Bengal

A Comparison Of DE and Crossflow Filtration

A Survey of Filter Catridges

Activated Carbon - Advanced Testing Methods

An Evaluation Of Carbon Compositions

Carbon and Finer Mesh

Carbon Block Filters

Filtration Advantages of Water Treatment With Coconut Shall Carbons

How to Solve the Most Common Pool Filtration

Material Matters When Selecting POU & POE Filters

Membrane Filtration for small systems

Mistakes to Avoid in the Design and Operation of Reverse Osmosis Systems

POU Field Testing

POU Filtration On Tap

Special Medias

When to change carbon filters


Water and Chemicals

Arsenic - The Importance of Removing it From Your Water

A Look Behind the Scenes of a Modern Drinking Water

Chlorination in drinking water - Benifits, Issues and The Future

Copper Pipe Leeching

Extractable Arsenic and Antimony in Activated Carbon

Fluoride Friend or Foe

Monochloramine Removal

On Tap Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water Supplies

Prioritizing Drinking Water Contaminants

Removing Arsenic From Water


The Removal of Arsenic from Potable Water

Water Pollution

Well Water Nitrates


Water and Health

Biofilms Mechanisms of Membrane Fouling

Cryptosporidium in the news again

Demystifying Water Wells

Disinfections of Water by N-Hal amine Biocide Polymers

Handwashing a barrier to disease transmission

How to Stop Blue-Green Staining



Extra Information

Measuring the Life of Activated Carbon

Advanced Aeration - A Mechanical Solution for Lake Pollution

Factors Affecting the Brine Efficiency of Softeners

Fact: Water Acts As An Appetite Suppressant

Global issues in Microbiollogical Water Quality

Ground Water

International European Standards and Regulations

Ion Exchange

Ion Exchange Resin Composition and Safety

Lead-Bearing Drinking Faucets A Liability Time Bomb

Microbiological Contaminants In Water

New EPA Guidelines Issued

On Tap Emerging Waterborne Pathogens

On Tap The Cholera Epidemic


Ozone and Bottled Water

Pools And Spas Utilizing Ozone Systems for Proper Sanitation

Pore Decisions

Precipitation and Coagulation

Proper sanitisation for RO Units

Safe, Efficient, Water Chlorination in the 90s

Solar Distillation

Solving Blue Green Water

Some Basics On Water Characteristic And Constituents

The Fundamentals of Aerations

The HPC Debate

Water too much of good thing

Water Treatment Using Resin with Bromine and lodine

Which Class of Mixed Bed Resin

World Water Power


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