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Our products and solutions are no different from any other appliance buy or home/ office improvement you make.

To help makes things easier for you, on every product page we've given a guideline on the approximate skill-level and time involved in its installation. 

Please see individual products for install and usage instructions.

If you do need a tradesperson we suggest you use someone you already trust.  

If you happen to live in East London then below we've put the names of a few people who we've used.  Just let them know that you found them through us and they'll be extra nice:

We're still adding trades so please come back when we've had time to add more.  

Dave Prince
Damp Expert- especially in period homes

Gerry Malone
Plastering and general building
07956 462 143

John Mills
Carpentry and general building
07802 219 323

John Page
07957 226 448

Please note, we like them ourselves but cannot take responsbility for any aspect of your dealings with them.  

Let us know if you've got people to recommend and if we like them too, they might end up here...