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Love chocolate, hate waste?
 Jan 28, 2015  Blog, February, 2015 Newsletter

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February is chocolate lovers’ month!  

And if you can’t eat it all – recycle it in your savoury supper dishes...

Recycling goes a lot further than just ‘separating’ our plastic from cardboard every week.  There’s so much more we can do with our general household waste – especially food products that we might not ‘fancy’ anymore.  

Take chocolate for instance.  February is ‘Chocolate Lovers Month' and it’s also Valentine's Day (of the 14th in case you'd forgotten!)– so we’re bound to get boxes of our favourite naughty but nice treats.  So what happens when we’ve just had enough!  We say recycle it and use in your favourite savoury recipes say (yes savoury!).  With just a little thought and preparation, your leftover chocolate can perk up many of your standard repertoire dishes and add a silky exotic dimension.  

We're strong believers in just having a go so here are a few ideas to get your taste buds going: 

  • Beef chilli with chocolate:  add about 75g dark chocolate to your cooked chilli – stir in and leave for five minutes for flavours to intensify;
  • Bolognese sauce:  add 15g grated dark chocolate to your sauce for a delicious twist;
  • Aubergine purée (baba ghanouj) with white chocolate: add 100g melted white chocolate to your purée for a deliciously decadent starter;
  • Mexican mole sauce:  add 50g dark chocolate to your spicy tomato/chilli based sauce for a sensational taste – serve with chicken;
  • BBQ sauce: add 25g dark or milk chocolate to your sauce recipe and marinate your meat with delicious results

There are lots of specific recipes out there and we're sure you have your own so experiment with how much you want to put in- it's completely up to you...

So take advantage of Chocolate Lovers Month and introduce a new dimension into your cooking.  Not only will your left over chocolate produce some extra delicious meals – you’ll be helping save waste and doing your bit for the environment!

We'd love to see photographs of your creations...


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