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Riding the Roding- the missing link!
 Jan 21, 2015  Blog, February, 2015 Newsletter

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As you know, Wanstead Park is our big local initiative.  

Right now it needs our support (and the best bit is that it requires very little effort to give it...shhhh!)

We're supporting a new riverside cycle path between Wanstead Park Road Recreation Ground and Redbridge Roundabout.  This is currently part of the "Riding the Roding Project"- under concideration for funding from the GLA.  

If you're keen to get to the vote then you can VOTE HERE

What the "Riding the Roding" project about?

  • It will make some of the borough's best riverside open space, accessible for cyclists and less abled people. This new riverside cycle path between Wanstead Park Road Recreation Ground and Redbridge Roundabout will finally connect the completed south and north sections of the Roding Valley Way green cycle route, making off road cycling possible from Newham, through Redbridge and up to Essex following the River Roding.
  • The project does not forget the River either: improvement works on this steep sided and straight stretch of river will dramatically enhance the habitat and water flow, benefiting wildlife and people; 
  • Residents surrounding Wanstead Park and Ilford will benefit directly from this project, with planned repair and re-opening of the much loved and missed Coronation footbridge over the river. Locals and visitors alike will have a wonderful new cycling and walking route giving access to the boroughs stand out natural green spaces including the River Roding, Roding Valley Park and Wanstead Park, without barriers or long detours. 

Funding from the GLA will unlock all these improvements for wildlife and people, completing this important missing link, so do not forget to vote!’

Why does Wanstead Park need your help?  

  • The Project would finally connect the southern and northern sections of the Roding Valley Way green cycle route; 
  • A shared-use pedestrian and cycle route would link the densely populated areas in the south of Redbridge and Newham with greener areas to the north as far as the Essex boundary; 
  • It would also provide a continuous off-road route right through the middle of the borough, connecting urban centres such as Ilford and Woodford whilst avoiding a number of busy roads; 
  • In addition to aesthetic and ecological benefits, the "Riding the Roding" project stands to make a valuable contribution towards traffic reduction, improved air quality and encouraging healthy exercise.