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What to do in the summer time, when the weather is fine (or not!)
 Jul 20, 2015  Blog, August, 2015 Newsletter

Eco Tips for summer from ItDoesTheJob.com

So believe it or not, we’re well into summer.  So we’ve come up with some fun eco ways to keep you occupied this summer, whether you’re a big kid or a little kid...


1. Get to the garden!  

Whether you have your own garden or not, summer is the perfect time to get outside.  Whether to relax, garden, play or barbecue- step outside, the great outdoors is lovely.  And if you've not got a garden of your own, find your closest here

2. And if you can't leave the house...

Yes, there will be times when it’s raining.  So why not make the most of it by cleaning out your wardrobe?  I know, it doesn’t sound that much fun but you could find hidden gems, up-cycle clothes, go swishing or feel good about yourself and donate them to the charity shop.  So why not try and clear the clutter?  

3. B b b build your own bird feeder
Make hay for the birds while the sun shines.  You can make bird-feeders from pretty much anything.  From pine cones, peanut butter and bird seeds to an old carton- watch the video here


4. Pedal power
This summer why not take up the 3 miles challenge?  If you’re going somewhere that’s less than 3 miles away then why not cycle there?  If you want to take things further then check out your local cycle routes.  It can make for a great day pottering about...

5. Keep it loose
Wear loose clothing in natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp, and linen.  These ‘breathe’ better than synthetic fibres and naturally wick moisture away from the body.  


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