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Sustainable New Years Resolutions
 Jan 1, 2016  Blog, January 2015 Newsletter

It Does The Job Sustainable New Years Resolutions

So here it is – 2016!  We’re only weeks into the New Year and it’s likely that you’ve already made – and broken most of your resolutions.  Don’t worry, we have ten do-able, practical, simple and sensible ideas that require very little input – but give a great return.  These simple tips are designed to save you energy – and money – at little more than a ‘flick of a switch’.  What’s more this approach to 2016 is not just for a year – but for life.  So no more knee jerk starts to any new year – you’re already doing your bit towards a lower energy and lower cost lifestyle!   

And don’t forget – energy saving is fun!  The whole family can get involved.  And you’ll  certainly smile when you see your next lot of bills!




  1. Recycle your Christmas ‘fallout’ including tree, wrapping and packaging; 
  2. Switch off your lights when leaving a room; 
  3. Switch electrical appliances off standby; 
  4. Use dishwashers and washing machines on full load; 
  5. Turn down your thermostat by 1°C; 
  6. Keep your curtains closed at night to retain warmth; 
  7. Fix that dripping tap; 
  8. Use your oven to full capacity; 
  9. Don’t overfill kettles or saucepans with water; 
  10. Don’t dry your clothes on the radiator.  

This 10-point checklist is nothing more than sensible housekeeping...

  • Why leave lights on in empty rooms?  
  • And why leave electrical appliances on standby?  It’s costing money for no purpose;
  • And how many of us just throw a couple of pairs of jeans into the washing machine?  Why not wait for one full load which uses less energy than two half loads and wash at 40C rather than 60C, saving 30% on energy; 
  • Similarly keeping the house warm in winter can cost a small fortune – but if you turn the thermostat down by just 1C you could cut your heating bills by up to 10% giving you an average saving of £60 a year (according to the Energy Saving Trust); 
  • Giving more thought to water consumption will also help reduce those bills.  We’re all guilty of overfilling the kettle when we just want one pot of tea and boiling the vegetables in too much water – not only are we wasting water – but using more time and energy to get to boiling point.  The same applies to a dripping tap.  Don’t ignore it – it’s costing you money. 

We aim to share our years of experience (and trial and error!) and ideas to show how sensible, natural and manageable it is to move towards a lower energy lifestyle – and save money!  We only recommend ideas and products that we use ourselves – so we know they work!
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