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Top 5 areas where you can save energy (and money) this Christmas
 Nov 12, 2014  Blog, December 2014 Newsletter

Top Energy and Money saving Tips from ItDoesTheJob.com

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We all love Christmas but how many of us ever stop to consider how much waste we produce over the festive season?   Here are some very simple steps we can take to reduce our energy consumption and save money while we enjoy ourselves!

Step one:
Staying at home for Christmas? 

  • Turning your thermostat down by just one degree Celsius could cut your heating bills by up to 10% giving an average saving of £60 a year - according to the Energy Saving Trust; 
  • Turn lights of when you leave a room; 
  • Switch electrical appliances off standby when you’ve finished with them and only charge laptops and mobiles when you need to

Step two:
Cooking and entertaining?

  • Buy locally (turkey/vegetables) to reduce food miles and carbon emissions; 
  • When cooking sprouts keep the pan lid on – it can reduce boiling time and energy consumption by 10%; 
  • Defrost food overnight rather than using the microwave

Step three:
Gift buying?

  • Give an hour of your time – rather than a gift.  Help with dog-walking, cleaning windows, washing the car – or any domestic chore; 
  • Recycle your wrapping paper; 
  • New for old – got a new jumper?  Donate your old one to a charity

Step four:
Festive decorations?

  • Choose a sustainably sourced Christmas tree – ideally a potted one.  After Christmas carefully move it outside to grow and use it again the following year; 
  • Use newspapers/magazines/junk mail to make colourful chains and decorative shapes; 
  • Make tree decorations from corks, citrus peel and colourful sweet wrappings

Step five:
Visiting family or friends?

  • Switch your heating and hot water off while you’re away; 
  • Bring dishes to help with entertaining rather than a gift they might not use; 
  • Use a car sharing website – split the travel costs and cut down on carbon footprint

And we’ve got plenty more ideas to help reduce the cost of your Christmas!

Browse the rest of the blog, contact us, or look through or products for ideas that could have you spending less and same more this Christmas.