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Chimella Chimney Draught Excluder

Chimella Chimney Draught Excluder

The Chimella chimney draught excluder- perfect for any shape of open chimney. Quick, long term & simple solution to eliminate chimney draughts, maintain circulation, reduce energy loss and save money. British design Read More

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Stylish, effective, sustainable solution to stopping draughts from your chimney- save money and energy instantly!  

This chimney umbrella is the perfect solution to stopping draughts from your chimney no matter what shape!  Closes off your flue when fireplace is not in use.  

  • Using the chimney umbrella is quick and easy- anyone can do it (for more guidance, see the 'Installation' tab); 
  • Perfect for any open chimney including ones with gas fires; 
  • Suitable for different size chimneys and all shapes, see below for which chimella will fit your needs; 
  • The inverted umbrella design eliminates draughts without causing damp and is made to be used time and time again; 
  • Adds a touch of style and luxury to the heart of your home; 
  • Increase comfort, lower energy bills, lower consumption and save money; 


Standard Chimella Any shape flue from 200mm x 200mm up to 400mm x 400mm
Large Chimella Any shape flue from 225mm x 420mm up to 450mm x 600mm


Save yourself time, effort and hassle by using the Chimella.  
More effective than other solutions as they are as easy to put up as and umbrella and 
designed to last so are more cost-affective in the long run. 

Why do you need one?
Acting like an unseen open window your chimney flue is constantly overlooked and could be one of the biggest contributors to heat and energy loss in your home, using the Chimella as a barrier to keep the warm in and the cold out could save you the losses.  

Only the Chimella handle is constantly on view to indicate that the chimney flue is efficiently blocked off. In the rare event of someone lighting a fire while the Chimney Umbrella is still inserted, the canopy has been designed to harmlessly burn away and safely re open the chimney flue, allowing smoke and fumes to be drawn up and out of your home.


  • To read our interview with the inventor, click here.  


For more guidance, glossary of terms, inspiration & advice and other information, please browse our website or feel free to contact us


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As featured in: 

    The British design is packed full of features- please see the 'How it does the job' to read more.  


Technical Information


  • EU Registered design no. 001985706
  • UK patent applied for no.1102734.9
  • PCT Application applied for no.PCT/GB2012/050311


Compatible with any open chimney

Standard size Chimella is designed to fit all sizes of square and rectangle chimney flue between 200mm x 200mm and 380mm x 380mm.

Large size Chimella is designed to fit all sizes of square and rectangle chimney flue between 225mm x 420mm and 450mm x 650mm. The Large Chimella handle is not attached whilst in the box, this is simply installed by screwing a supplied screw into the handle stub. 

How It Works (HIW_WEB_PRINT.pdf, 792 Kb) [Download]

Our products and solutions are no different from any other appliance buy or home/ office improvement you make.

To help makes things easier for you, we've given a guideline on the approximate skill-level and time involved in the installation of this product:

Completely DIY: anyone can use it, no installation, use straight away... 

Quick how-to guide:

It’s as simple as using an umbrella but everything has a knack for optimum usage.  So have a quick look to reassure yourself you’re using it in the best way: 
Once removed of the packaging and its protective bag: 
  1. Hold the Chimella in position up the Chimney flue, keeping it vertical; 
  2. Press the black release button (the magic button) then twist/ wiggle the handle to ensure the canopy is sitting snugly; 
  3. Holding the magic button handle extend and angle the handle (so you remember it’s up there!); 
  4. Before starting your fire, simply push the magic button again and the canopy will close, push the extension arm back in and remove the Chimella.  
Still want to know the finer details?  
If you'd like a bit of reassurance or aren't sure if you're doing it right, have a look at: 


How-to guide with inventor, Simon



In-depth, step-by-step picture guide

Read below for detailed support in how to full operate the Chimella

1. Simple And Efficient

Designed to be simply operated by anyone in under a minute. Fits a wide variety of typical square and rectangular chimney flues- designed to block of your chimney when your fire is not in use.  



2. Only Three Measurements Required

A Standard Size Chimella fits all square and rectangle flue sizes between 200mm x 200mm and 380mm x 380mm.

To confirm that your chimney flue falls within these sizes: 

  • Measure inside the chimney SIDE TO SIDE & FRONT TO BACK at the narrowest part of the flue (usually about 600mm above the opening); 
  • Then measure to this narrowest part of the flue from the top of the fireplace opening. This will help you calculate where to hold the CHIMELLA before releasing the canopy to the desired height in your chimney.


3. Getting In Position

  • Hold the Chimella in position with one hand on the magic button (release button).  
  • The top of the magic button should be directly below the flue opening- about 620mm below the narrowest part of the flue; 
  • The magic button should be facing you directly to ensure that the canopy arms reach the corners of the flue when released; 
  • Keep the Chimella pointing directly under the flue opening.


4. Push the button...

Now push the magic button with your thumb.  The patent pending technology extends the shaft up the chimney before deploying the canopy holding the Chimella in place and stoping those draughts.



5. The Twist

Once in place simply twist the handle to the left and then to the right to ensure that the corner canopy arms are pushed securely into the corners of the flue, producing a better seal.

For an extra tight fit: 

  • Reach up the shaft with one hand; 
  • Getting to about half way up, grip the top piece of the extendable shaft to hold it in place; 
  • With your other hand gently pull down on the button handle and this will squeeze the canopy arms tighter to the walls.



6. Extend the handle so you don't forget!

The handle's been sleekly designed to be on view at a position of your choice.  That way it's compatible with your surrounding and means you don't forget to take it down.

  • Simply hold the magic button handle in one hand;
  • Pull down gently on the display handle (with the logo) with the other hand and extend down.

The display handle's flexibility allows you to move it forward or backwards without effecting the position of the canopy.  


7. All done: that's it!

The canopy is now holding itself in position against the inner walls of your chimney flue (with enough space for ventilation).  Enjoy increased comfort, lower energy use and lower bills.


8. Putting the Chimella away: 

The Chimella must be put away before you start a fire

  1. Simply hold the button handle and push magic button; 
  2. The canopy will release itself instantly from the sides of the flue enclosing any loose dirt safely and efficiently, ready to be disposed of- no mess!; 
  3. Push the extended display handle up towards the button handle and pull the Chimella down and out of the fireplace opening; 
  4. Instant reload: Hold the nest grip (at the bottom of the canopy) in one hand and the button handle in the other.  Push the nest area towards and into the button handle until you feel a quality clunk!




9. Ready for next time

Your Chimella is now loaded and ready to insert into your chimney again when your fireplace is not in use. We recommend keeping it in it's bag and in a safe place when not in use, that way it last and last...

All your questions should be answered here.  Even more information may be found on our Inspiration & Advice and glossary pages.  

If you need further advice, then please get in touch.


  1.  Do I need to be an expert to install The Chimney Umbrella?
  2.  Do I have to remove my Chimney Umbrella before I light my fire?
  3.  What happens if I light my fire and have forgotten to remove my Chimney Umbrella?
  4.  Is my Chimney Umbrella supposed to have a tight seal on my Chimney flue?
  5.  When I insert my Chimella why do I get a lot of dirt coming down the chimney?

1. Do I need to be an expert to install The Chimney Umbrella?

No. It's easy! The CHIMELLA has been designed for maximum efficiency with as little effort as possible.

2. Do I have to remove my Chimney Umbrella before I light my fire?

YES! You must remove the CHIMELLA before you light up your fire.

3. What happens if I light my fire and have forgotten to remove my Chimney Umbrella?

If you have forgotten to remove your CHIMELLA and light your fire the heat from the fire will burn away the canopy. This is an added safety feature that will open up the airflow into the chimney and prevent harmful fumes entering the room.

4. Is my Chimney Umbrella supposed to have a tight seal on my Chimney flue?

Your Chimney needs to have a very slight airflow to prevent damp. The Chimney Umbrella is designed to give a good fit while still allowing small gaps for the air to trickle through to prevent damp.

5. When I insert my Chimella why do I get a lot of dirt coming down the chimney?

Your chimney should be swept at least once a year and excessive dirt is a clear indicator that the time for a sweep has come.


Here are just some of the ways it does the job:


  • Cash saving of up to £200 per chimney per year based on an energy saving of 3066 kilo watt hours per annum, per chimney based on heat loss figures.

Better Consumption:

  • Research has shown that the average chimney will draw out 40 cubic meters of air every hour. This can lead to a staggering 350,400 cubic meters of air, per chimney, every year being sucked out of your home;

  • Will significantly reduce the air flow through the chimney and can save you over 0.583 tonnes of carbon per year, per chimney;

  • Prevents cold air coming down the chimney.

Feel good:

  • Averts down drafts and 'howling';
  • Sleek and designed to blend in, the visible handle will mean that you won’t forget it’s up there; 
  • Worry-free: in the rare event of someone lighting a fire while the Chimney Umbrella is still inserted, the canopy will harmlessly burn away, allowing smoke and fumes to be drawn up and out of your home;
  • Collects any fallen debris, rain or hailstones into the canopy;
  • Stops Birds or animals from coming down the chimney and into your home;
  • Stops smoke coming down unused fireplaces with shared flues;
  • Interchangable handles and canopies to suit individual tastes and colour schemes add a touch of style to the heart of your home.


  • Designed to fit into your daily routine and can be used by anyone;
  • With a single push of the deployment button it effortlessly extends up the chimney and efficiently blocks it off;
  • Takes less than 1 minute to insert or remove.


  • Strong and Robust Quality construction and Quality Product Guarantee- designed for long-term daily use


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