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Delta 2 Whole House Filtration System

Delta 2 Whole House Water Filter

Delta 2 whole house water filter. Remove chlorine, chemicals and other contaminants from your supply- with additional heavy mental removal. Improve your all round health immediately. Large capacity- designed for a 4 to 7 person household. Read More

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Delta 2 Whole House Water Filtration System- a 3-stage water filter for the whole house with additional heavy metal removal.  
Double the capacity of the Delta

3-stage Filtration: 

  1. The 'Pre-Filter' removes sediment and particles; 
  2. Then the heavy metals filter, removes metals such as lead, aluminium and copper; 
  3. Finally through the carbon block filter, which is effective against a wide range of chemical contaminants, including chlorine.  

Say no to heavy metals
The Delta 2, and its sister the Delta, are the only whole house filters that removes heavy metals.

Start enjoying safe, healthy, chlorine-free water right away.
Reduce the strain currently placed on your immune system and you may even get rid of long-standing symptoms - from sinus and respiratory problems to dry, itchy skin.

It is just as effective in taking out the same harmful elements as the other whole house filters but with the addition of heavy metal removal.

Double capacity
Connected to the incoming mains water supply it is suitable for use in a 4 to 7 person house, double the Delta.


P.S. Recommended by Breakspear Medical Group



Technical Information

Working Temperature Max. 37°C
Working Pressure Max. 6 Bar
Water Connection 1" threaded
Weight 22KG
Height 600mm
Width 680mm
Depth 200mm
Flow Rate 24 Litres per minute
Capacity 600,000 Litres


IDTJ.com Whole House Installation and User Guide (20140805_IDTJ_Whole_House_Installaton_and_User_Guide.pdf, 4,126 Kb) [Download]

IDTJ.com Whole House Cartridge Replacement Guide (20150817_-_IDTJ_Whole_House_cartridge_changing_instructions.pdf, 703 Kb) [Download]

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DIY: advanced; ½ day

Professional: plumber; 2-3 hours

Please note: some of you might think you're handier than you are! This is a guideline only, intended only to help you understand how simple installation is and whom you could ask to do it for you. If you were unsure, we would recommend getting the professionals in!



Problem Possible faults Solutions
No Water
  • Mains water Is off
  • Bypass valve not open
  • flow not directed to filter
  • water flow in wrong direction
  • Check that the main stopcock is open and that the mains water is still on.
  • Check the bypass valves 1 and 3 are fully open.
  • Check the top of the bypass housing is set to “Filter”
  • Check direction of water flow


Low Water Flow
  • Plastic still on cartridge
  • Low water pressure
  • Pre-filter blocked
  • Bypass valves not open
  • Check that you have removed all the wrapping from a new filter cartridge.
  • During periods of high water demand the pressure may fall. If running a bath or other appliance at same time your water pressure may drop to those appliances.
  • Replace the pre-filter cartridge.
  • Check that the bypass valves 1 and 3 are fully opened.


Chlorine Smell
  • Water flow is bypassing the water
  • Water cannot flow to filter
  • Filter cartridges not properly sealed
  • Check bypass valve 2 is fully closed.
  • Check bypass valves 1 and 3 are fully open.
  • Check sealing washers on the main filter cartridges are in place.
Water Leaks
  • Condensation on housing
  • Seals
  • Housings
  • Joints
  • Condensation on the outside of the filter housing may occur, resulting in a frosted appearance of fine water droplets on surface. This does not of course mean that there is a leak in the system. Insulate the area around the filter, or reposition it.
  • In the event of a leak carefully examine its source. Water from a leak may run along the pipe work - it may drip, or collect, some distance from the actual position of the leak.
  • Ensure that the ‘O’ seals and the areas in which they are located are clean. Any small piece of debris on the seal of the surrounding area could cause a small leak. Apply a smear of silicone grease to the seal.
  • Ensure that the filter housing is screwed fully onto the head works. This is essential both for the internal seal and the housing seal.
  • Check that you only have one seal at each end of the cartridge.
  • Leaks occurring at the elbow joints or centre connection will require the fitting to be removed. Re-apply plenty of PTFE tape and re-assemble and test.






Here are just some of the ways it does the job:


  • One of the most efficient whole house filters out there and is extremely cost-effective to run.  It’s suitable for large households.

Better Consumption:

  • Effective filtration of Chlorine and other various chemicals, including heavy metals;
  • Filtration of particles and sediments above 1 micron.

Feel good:

  • Compact and Stylish design;
  • Improved appearance and odour of water;
  • Improved condition of skin and hair.


  • Simple installation process.


  • Easy to maintain and you are added to a reminder system so we can alert you when you should think about changing your cartridges.


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New cartridges/ systems: Our water filters automatically come with the optimum cartridges for 99.9% of people- designed for British water. However, should you require/ desire, other specialised cartridges are available, see table below or contact us for more advice.


Compatible Cartridges:

Cartridge Options Key Elements It Removes More Information
Heavy Metal Removal Carbon Block Double Capacity Cartridge
Heavy Metals, Temporary Hardness... Heavy Metal Removal Data Sheet


Cartridge renewals: If you buy a water filtration system or a water filter cartridge from us, we have a complimentary reminder service- we’ll remember what you’ve got and when it’s due so you don’t have to.  If you think we've forgotten you then please get in touch we'll do the rest!