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What products are under the Green Deal
 Jun 30, 2014  Blog

Only a specific set of products come under the Green Deal.  We've summed up the basics below. 

If you want to read the government document detailing the specifics of what qualifies, please click here. 

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Condensing Gas Boiler (Domestic and Non-Domestic)
Condensing LPG Boiler (Domestic and Non-Domestic)
Condensing Oil Boiler (Domestic and Non-Domestic
Gas Warm Air Units (Domestic and Non-Domestic)
Under Floor Heating
Heating Controls
Heating System Insulation
Flue Gas Recovery Devices

Insulation and Building Fabric
External Wall Insulation
Internal Wall Insulation
Hybrid Wall Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation
Pitched Roof Insulation
Flat Roof Insulation
Draught Proofing

Electrical/ Lighting
Storage Heaters (Domestic and Non-Domestic)
Energy Efficient Lighting Controls (Non-Domestic)
Energy Efficiency Light Fixings

Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps
Solar Thermal
Solar PV
Biomass Boilers
Micro CHP
Micro and small scale wind turbine systems

Additional Measures
DECC have recently proposed a number of new measures, primarily for the non-domestic market. These measures are not currently included in PAS2030. 
Duct Insulation
Heating ventilation and air-conditioning controls (including zoning)
Hot Water Controls
Hot Water Showers
Hot Water Systems
Hot Water Taps
Pipework Insulation
Radiant Heating
Sealing Improvements (including duct sealing)
Solar Blinds, Shutters and Shading Devices
Transpired Solar Collectors
Variable Speeds