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Best of British- some of our best energy saving products are from right here in the UK
 Aug 25, 2014  Blog

Best of British with ItDoesTheJob.com

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There really is some fantastic innovation right here in the UK
Alright, so we’re naturally a bit biased, but there really is.  Whether, designed, engineered, manufactured or assembled in Britain, perhaps unsurprisingly, the United Kingdom has a lot to shout about.  
You only need to look on the internet to discover what’s out there in all industries.  

There’s a lot to be proud of.  The UK is currently rated as 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world, making up 11% of UK GVA and 54% of UK exports – it also employs 2.6 million people*.  And signalling the resurgence of British manufacturing, the Government initiative ‘Reshore UK’, campaigns and supports the return of manufacturing, textiles, software,  call centres and jobs ‘back home’ instead of outsourcing overseas*.

We’ll only sell products that actually do the job

We have a primary commitment to the sustainability of British manufacturing and to sourcing products that are as local and sustainable as possible.  We are meticulous in our supplier selection process - only if the product does the job to the highest standards and fits our stringent quality criteria do we sell it.  We are proud that many British manufacturers meet and exceed their requirements.   Furthermore, our philosophy of buying British helps reduce environmental and financial costs allowing savings to pass on to customers.

Building a great relationship with inventors.  
This helps us to understand the products and where and how they are made better. We also know the inventors/ manufacturers really well meaning that specialist knowledge is right at hand whenever it’s needed!  Just one way you can be confident we know what we’re talking about and recommend the best. 

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