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British products that save money, energy and time

Only if it does the job and fits our criteria do we sell it.  We source the best innovation some of which comes from right here in the UK.  
By sourcing products as locally and sustainably as possible, we do our bit to help the sustainability of British manufacturing.  Furthermore, by reduce our environmental and financial costs we can pass these savings on to you.

To read about the criteria all products must meet to do the job, please click here.

Here are just some of the ways these products do the job:


Better Consumption

Feel good



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We are always looking for the best value products to help you reduce energy consumption and save money.  The ones that do the job.  
It so happens that lots of these products are engineered, designed or manufactured in the UK.  

Below we have brought together all the British innovations we are proud to sell.  If you'd prefer to browse by category please feel free to do so, you can always "filter" the products to find the British ones by ticking "British" down the left-hand side.  

2000 Water Filtration System
£296.40 inc VAT £247.00 ex VAT
Delta Whole House Water Filter
£585.31 inc VAT £487.76 ex VAT
Oasis Whole House Water Filter
£424.80 inc VAT £354.00 ex VAT
Delta 2 Whole House Water Filter
£822.13 inc VAT £685.11 ex VAT
Oasis 2 Whole House Water Filter
£546.38 inc VAT £455.32 ex VAT
Hedgehog Gutter Brush
£19.99 inc VAT £16.66 ex VAT
100 Litre Water Hotter - Integrated Air So...
£1,558.80 inc VAT £1,299.00 ex VAT
Ultrovent® Airbrick Ventilator
£78.00 inc VAT £65.00 ex VAT