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Large Wood Burning Ecco Stove

Large Ecco Stove- Wood Burning Stove

This large Ecco Stove (e850) is a unique & advanced wood burning stove. Heats large areas evenly for up to 7 hours after fire has died down. 85.3% efficient, carbon output of only 0.24%. DEFRA approved for inner cities. Read More

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The Large Ecco Stove is rated as a 11 kw wood-burning stove. 

Unlike any other woodburning stove: 
An advanced and unique wood burning stove designed to be a whole heating system- evenly distributing heat around your whole property.  
The Ecco Stove is 85.3% efficient and the carbon output to the atmosphere is only 0.24% and is DEFRA approved for use in inner cities. 

Even when the fire inside has died down, the Ecco Stove will continue to release heat for up to 7 hours.  

Heat your home sustainably for less: Ecco Stove is the perfect way to heat your home: warm and safe for next to nothing, without a thought for unstable long-term prices and availability of gas and electricity, with an attractive central feature in your room.

A simple idea with cutting-edge technology
It's a new stove that uses age-old principles but with silicon carbide state-of-the-art materials to maximise efficiency, create lower emissions and decrease running costs. This great stove creates a consistent heat not only for the room but for the whole house without over-heating the room it stands in and projecting heat evenly throughout the house.  

25 year warranty when installed by ItDoesTheJob.com and HETAS certified.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.  

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Technical Information

Model E850 E730 E678 E580
Distance To Combustables 600mm 500mm 430mm 350mm
Emissions Of CO In Combustable Products 0.24% 0.30% 0.29% 0.28%
Flue Gas Temperature 172 184 185 230
Thermal Output 134mj 120.7mj 114mj 6.6kw
Efficiency 85.3% 83.9% 81% 80.4%


For more information see the 'Downloads' tab.

Ecco Stove Brochure (Ecco_Stove_Brochure.pdf, 759 Kb) [Download]

Ecco Stove Study (ecco-stove-study.pdf, 9 Kb) [Download]

Ecco Stove Gastec Energy Efficiency Certificate (gastec.jpg, 474 Kb) [Download]

Our products and solutions are no different from any other appliance buy or home/ office improvement you make.

To help makes things easier for you, we've given a guideline on the approximate skill-level and time involved in the installation of this product:

DIY: 4 very strong people; 2-3 hours provided flues are already in place (for example if you already have a wood burning stove)
any handy, strong people; if you need a flue search for a HETAS approved engineer

Professional:any handy, strong people; if you need a flue search for a HETAS approved engineer

Commissioning: for the warranty we will need to commission it on site for £150 plus travel

Please note: some of you might think you're handier than you are! This is a guideline only, intended only to help you understand how simple installation is and whom you could ask to do it for you. If you were unsure, we would recommend getting the professionals in!

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Here are just some of the ways it does the job:


  • Efficient woodburner- 85.3% efficient meaning that you get more heat for you money, minimising costs;
  • It also means you’ll have your conventional heating on less (meaning lower costs);
  • It burns cleanly so virtually no maintenance costs.

Better Consumption:

  • Low carbon dioxide release- only 0.24% C02 is produced, minimising your impact on the environment;
  • The larger models in particular are designed to heat the whole house (provided it’s insulated well) and so can be used as your only form of heating.

Feel good:

  • Have the lovely aesthetics of a fire, without the hassle that goes with it;
  • Heat your whole house- one Ecco Stove is capable of heating your whole house;
  • Slow and constant heat release- meaning that the Ecco Stove is still producing 25% heat 7 hours later;
  • Even heat distribution- the heat will be evenly distributed around the room, meaning that it won't be too
  • hot near the Ecco Stove but it won't be cold away from it;
  • Doesn’t produce draughts like conventional radiators.


  • Easy to install: very simple to fit together;
  • Easy to use: it works just like any other wood burning stove but there is no need to top if up as frequently.


  • High quality materials with no moving parts so there is little to go wrong;
  • Effectively built to last forever.


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