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Black Clip On Ferrite Bead

Ferrite Beads

A ferrite bead designed to cure electromagnetic & radio frequency interference at source. Read More

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These ferrite beads are clips to reduce the amount of dirty electricity/ electrical ‘noise’/ EMI on AC power lines coming from the grid, down your wires and into your electrical goods. 


  • ferrite bead is a passive electric component that suppresses high frequency noise in electronic circuits; 
  • Our ferrite beads come in the form of clips so you can easily attach them around the wires of your various electrical appliances- thick or thin; 
  • Black plastic enclosed ferrite core for 5mm AC power cords; 
  • Great for cutting noise on USB, Firewire, Phone, Power Cord, Coaxial, Audio, Video etc cables.Easy Structure and convenient installtion;

How to use

  • Always choose an internal diameter close to that of the cable or wind through several times.  Always put ferrites at the 'noisy' end of the cable (closest to the source); 
  • Just clip it on and you will get clearer signal and faster data transmission; 
  • These ferrites are also suitable for clipping onto telephone lines if an ADSL filter cannot be fitted for any reason.  


Why do I need them?  
We all suffer from Dirty Electricity (‘bad electricity’ that has been put back into the grid)- meaning that the electricity waves are not at optimum for powering your appliances.  

There are two primary consequences of this: 

  • Interferences on your appliances: which means they don’t work at their optimum and when charging, potentially leading to early burn out of products; 
  • Health: e.g. migraines etc… 


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This ferrite is optimised for 25 MHz to 2500 MHz frequency and is therefore more suitable for filtering out microwaves on your electricity wires created by mobile phones and other devices working at these frequencies. 

Our high quality ferrites are multi-purpose.  They’re highly effective at lowering the type of Dirty Electricity found on mains in your home, produced by electronic goods. Appropriate for fitting to cables that may be carrying Dirty Electricity.  Prefect for areas where you spend a lot of time, such as bedside lamp leads or alarm clock leads. 


  • They are also portable: you can also use it on personal devises such as chargers and headphones.  That way you can always be running on optimum quality with minimum impact; 
  • One size fits all: Very thin wires can be wound round in a loop so that two lengths pass through the core. If the diameter of the lighting cable is thin, then the hole in the ferrite can be made smaller with cling film or any other suitable non-conductive material; 
  • Wires that dangle often act as an aerial for the mobile phone frequencies, re-radiating the electromagnetic fields picked up; 
  • These ferrites will prevent most of these signals from going into the wiring, reducing the Dirty Electricity. They can also be used for mobile phones, to lower the fields going up to the earpiece; 
  • Note the ferrite beads clip firmly (difficult to reopen) so don't clip it shut completely until you are sure it's in the right place; 
  • One size fits all. If the diameter of the cable is thin then wrap the length multiple times or make the hole smaller with cling film or any other suitable non-conductive material.  

These ferrites are also suitable for clipping onto telephone lines if an ADSL filter cannot be fitted for any reason.  





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