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Hotbin- hot compost bin product review
 Aug 15, 2014  Products and Suppliers

We wouldn't sell it unless it met our criteria.  
It's important that we get to know the products ourselves.  Most of them will have installed at HQ and we've tried and tested all of them.  

Here is our product review of the Hot Bin.  If you'd like to leave your own review, please click here

Get more from your garden with a HOTBIN® compost bin.
(turns your domestic waste (including bones, eggshells, litter) into naturally rich compost in 90 days)
Now that August is here – what better way to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon than getting your garden into tip top shape.  And you can’t give your soil a better summer ‘makeover’ than treating it with compost filled with rich nutrients, prepared by you at home using all your domestic waste including bones and eggshells!
ItDoesTheJob.com, specialists in energy saving products have come up with some great summer ideas for home and garden that are natural, practical, easy to use – and that will save you money in the long term.
This month ItDoesTheJob.com recommends HOTBIN® composting.  HOTBIN® is an innovative hot compost bin that super heats all your food and garden waste to 60degC.  Because it operates to such a high temperature you can throw everything in including bones, eggshells, leftovers and garden waste – so you’re helping to reduce waste as well as producing a wonderful soil nutrient - naturally.  You’ll get rich mature compost in just 90 days, 32 times faster than a cold compost bin.  It’s easy to use, fast and there’s no tumbling or rotating required.
HOTBIN® composting comes in one 200 litre size but you can opt for the ‘basic’ model which comes with a lid thermometer and a set of cam straps – or the ‘extra’ which comes with 4 additional items to get your started. 

What the independent experts say
‘Compost Woman’ Sarah, who is an environmental educator, writer and organic grower, runs a specialist website dedicated to information on ‘sustainable’ living and offers ‘tried and tested’ information.  Here’s what she says about the HOTBIN: “I am very happy with my HOTBIN and if I lived in a small garden I would have no hesitation in getting one to eat most, if not all my waste, rather than using a more conventional bin.  Even with the space I have here (four acres) and lots of compost bins, I find it invaluable to use the HOTBIN to rapidly compost down large volumes of green material so I can transfer a smaller volume into a compost bin.”