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Tis’ officially mince pie season. 


But what is the BEST, easiest way to whip up a batch of these seasonal treats....and what are some economical and tasty alternatives? Plus, how can we make the most of our yummy-leftovers!

Hubble bubble, toil and lots of trouble... Pumpkins at the ready, everyone! It's that time of year again. But did you know there is SO much more to conjure from these autumnal veg this Halloween? Beyond a spooky-candelit decoration for your window... the possibilities are
To book: click here As a special ‘launch day’ event for LEYTONSTONE FESTIVAL ,  we are opening the doors to HQ, our Grade II listed Georgian home and headquarters, for a special ‘FIRST FRIDAY’ tour on Friday 1st July.  The tour takes place at 11am –
On Saturday 18th June we'll be giving two tours: at 11:00 and 14:00 (prompt start) of the Carlton House... GET FREE TICKETS HERE Carlton House, our Georgian Grade II listed ‘home’/ HQ  has been chosen to take part in Waltham Forest’s Green 
THE SEARCH IS ON FOR OUR LOCAL ‘SUSTAINABLE HERO’   We're launching a special campaign to find Waltham Forest’s ‘Sustainable Hero’ 2016.   We're celebrating all the actions we take in this Borough, both big and small to save on energy
So here it is – 2016!  We’re only weeks into the New Year and it’s likely that you’ve already made – and broken most of your resolutions.  Don’t worry, we have ten do-able, practical, simple and sensible ideas that require very little input – but
Fun and easy to follow - money and energy saving tips for winter and Christmas   We all know how costly Christmas can be – and none of us look forward to the high winter bills when they come in.  But if we just stop to think and plan in good time – it’s amazing how
It's been a while, but back by popluar demand.... This August we've selected just five news stories we found interesting.   By no means an exhaustive list so be sure to follow us (social media links at the bottom of the page) for our latest thoughts... So, in no
Looking for free tea, cake and money saving tips?   Well, you've come to the right place as we're hosting ‘FIRST FRIDAYS’, a monthly drop-in session at HQ for energy and money saving tips.     Make saving money and energy your first priority
So believe it or not, we’re well into summer.  So we’ve come up with some fun eco ways to keep you occupied this summer, whether you’re a big kid or a little kid...   1. Get to the garden!   Whether you have your own garden or not, summer is the