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Gadgets & Electronics: Guides and Scrapbook

Hello, this page contains lots of inspiration and advice related to 'Gadgets & Electronics'.  From our buying guides, to case studies and interesting articles in the press.  

There’s lots of other useful information on individual product pages and around the site.  Don’t forget to check back here soon or click here if you’d like to know when we’ve uploaded more information.

Press Cuttings

The Cost of Charging Gadgets in Public - EIBI 2013

Smart Grid Trial in London - EIBI 2013

Energy Saving - Long Road Ahead - EIBI 2013

Energy Producing Suburbs an Answer to Oil Running Low - EIBI 2013

Clampdown on Energy Theft - EIBI 2013

Negawatts - EIBI 2013

LibDem's Bid to Halve Energy Use - EIBI 2013

Demand Response - National Grid's New Balencing Mechanism - EIBI 2013

Night Lights Out - France Legislates - EIBI 2013



Case Studies  

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