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Mince Pies: How to make & how to make them go even further
 Dec 10, 2020  Blog

Tis’ officially mince pie season. 


But what is the BEST, easiest way to whip up a batch of these seasonal treats....and what are some economical and tasty alternatives? Plus, how can we make the most of our yummy-leftovers!


ItDoeTheJob.com is here with your answers… You’re very welcome.

Easiest Mince Pie Recipe EVER *Perfect for adults and children alike!*

You need:
- A pre-rolled short crust pastry sheet,
- 1 muffin/cupcake tin, 
- Cookie cutters (or anything slightly bigger than the base of your muffin tray) Or a glass/jam jar if you have none, 
- Icing sugar for sprinkling (optional),
- 1 jar of mince pie filling

(An alternative is also mixing mince meat with stewed apples (or any other stewed fruit- it can make it less sweet and make it go further!)

  1. Simply pre-heat the oven ahead of time to 200°C/190°C Fan/gas 6. 
  2. Grease a 12-hole bun tin with butter;
  3. Roll out pastry;
  4. Lightly flour table top and roll pastry out on it;
  5. Cut out 12 circles - if your tin has 12 holes - using a large pastry cutter and 12 stars or circle lids using a small pastry cutter/lid;
  6. Place the 12 large pastry circles into the bun tin;
  7. Add a small amount of mincemeat to each bottom (don't overfilling even though it's tempting!). Then place one of the stars/circles on top of each;
  8. Brush each top with a little milk and then dust with a sprinkling of sugar if you wish;
  9. Now bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until lightly browned;
  10. Lift out onto a wire cooling rack and serve once slightly cooled;
  11. Final step: Enjoy!

ECO TIP! Why not cook something else in the oven before/ after so as to not waste the heat of the oven? A great way to make the most of a hot oven!