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Sustainable and cheap ways to get to school/ work
 Aug 29, 2014  Blog

Sustainable School Run with ItDoesTheJob.com

Right, bye children!  

We might miss them in a few weeks but right now, it’s a bit of a relief to be sending them off to school.  Uniform- check; pencil case- check; shoes polished- check; haircut- check.  
But how are you going to get them there?  And how much is it going to cost you?    

Save money, be healthier
By using more sustainable methods of travelling to school you children (and you if you take them) can improve health, increase physical activity, save money, increase social time (if they’re talking to you!), decrease pollution levels and more….

Planes, trains and automobiles?  How about walking, bikes and busses?  
Here are some quick suggestions of some of the many ways you could travel 

Walking: helping your pocket, health and environment... 

  • Get some fresh air and stretch your legs; 
  • It’s a great way to socialise (with you or with friends); 
  • This is by far the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to travel to school.  You can have fun finding your own shortcuts and help to decide the nicest way way to go (and the quickest- just in case...); 
  • It’s also a great for independence around them and practice the Green Cross Code
  • Help to reduce traffic on the roads and congestion at the gates (saving the driver a lot of money, time and hassle too); 
  • It’s great if you can find the route together but if you need help, click here
  • Read more benefits here.  

Cycling: All the benefits above, plus you can travel even further; 

  • Plus, now is a great time to capitalise on the enthusiasm about cycling UK; 
  • Cycling schemes are increasingly getting more support from schools and there are lots of programmes available to build up cycling ability and confidence e.g. Bikeability
  • It’s great if you can find the route together but if you need help, click here
  • Thursday 4th September is Cycle to Work Day so you could seize the moment!    

Public Transport: for greater distance of when you’ve got too much to carry

  • Perfect if you live in a big city with lots of options, just check out your local transport schemes; 
  • Even in less built up areas there are often dedicated bus routes which your school should know more about; 
  • Great opportunity to socialise with friends and gain independence; 
  • Help to reduce pollution and congestion; 
  • Many areas offer free or subsidised transport from home to school. For more information, click here.  

Driving: errr, minimise it if you can’t help it
If you absolutely have to drive, why not think about doing a combination of driving and one of the other options, such as dropping your children off at a bus stop or a bit away from the school gate so they can walk the last bit in?  

  • Or you could car share with others on their way to school; 
  • This would save you the frustration of the school gate, time and money, whilst combining some of the benefits of the more sustainable travel.  

There are lots of resources out there but we’ve found SusTrans to be one of the best for general information and support.  

If you have any idea you'd like to share then just let us know.