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Bath Ball Dechlorinating Water Filter

Bath Ball Dechlorinating Filter

A simple DIY water filter for your bath. This bath ball can eliminate up to 90% of the harmful chlorine in your bath water. Helps you to have a clean, healthy home for you and your family. Read More

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Eliminate up to 90% of the harmful chlorine in your bath water.

2/3 of your daily, harmful exposure to chlorine could come from your time in the bath.
The KDF 73 media in our Bath Ball Filter disperses the chlorine molecular clusters that would otherwise cause irritation and problems.

The Bath Ball is extremely simple to use. All that is required of you is to immerse the Bath Ball in the water for 5-8 minutes to remove over 90% of the chlorine. To remove the full 100% remove the Bath Ball whilst you step into the bath then re-immerse it for 1-2 minutes.

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Bath Ball Brochure (bath_ball_brochure.pdf, 101 Kb) [Download]

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1. How does the Bath Ball work?

2. How easy is it to use?

3. Do the shower head and bath ball filter remove chloramines from the water?


1. How does the Bath Ball work?

When water comes in contact with the media filaments inside the fabric pouch, the chlorine ions in the water are converted into a harmless chloride. The toxic effects of chlorine, chloramine, and chlorine gas are eliminated with the aid of KDF Formula 73, available exclusively through this product. More chlorine is removed faster when there is adequate circulation of the Bath Ball in the water.

Quartz crystals mixed with the media filaments reduce the molecular structure of the water into smaller clusters, thereby allowing enhanced sudsing and lathering of soap.

2. How easy is it to use?

Very- you dechlorinate your bath water with the Bath Ball by placing it into the tub and pulling it through the water with the attached 12-inch cord for a few minutes. As chlorinated water flows through the filament the dissimilar metals in KDF (copper and zinc), create a galvanic or electrolytic reaction which causes the two chlorine ions to form a harmless chloride.

In addition to the KDF filament, the Bath Ball also uses specially washed and sun dried quartz crystals to help "energize" the water by reducing the water's surface tension. This allows for an increase in sudsing and lathering of soaps and shampoos. As a result, the water has a "lighter" feel, similar to the feeling of softened water.

3. Do the shower head and bath ball filter remove chloramines from the water?

Though both the Bath Ball is highly effective in addressing chlorine and microorganisms, its ability to effectively reduce chloramine is limited to about 30%. Chloramines can be removed more effectively at the point of entry into the home with a whole house filter containing the right type of specialized carbon. Please consider a Whole House Water Filtration System [LINK] that will remove chloramines, chlorine and a host of other contaminants from your home.



Here are just some of the ways it does the job:


  • Our Bath Ball Filter lasts up to 1 year (about 200 baths).

Better Consumption:

  • Long lasting & Easy to replace.  Clean bath water without having to put in any additives;
  • The bath ball removes up to 100% of chlorine from the water in just a matter of minutes, you can do this by just circulating in the water. Leaving the skin looking younger and feeling better.

Feel good:

  • Have a healthier, more relaxing bath;
  • The bath ball is non toxic so is safe for all of the family to use without the worries of anything bad happening;
  • Its simple looks won’t be out of place in your bathroom- within easy reach for next time.


  • There’s no need to call the DIY experts, with the bath ball there is no plumbing or fitting required.


  • Our Bath Ball Filter will last around one year or up to 200 baths before the sachet needs replacing. It’s a simple to do and can be ready to use again in minutes. We will give you a friendly call to remind you when you should think about replacing the sachet.


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