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Ultrotherm 12mm Insulation Tile

Ultrotherm 12mm Tile (10 pack)

Our Ultrotherm 12mm tile (10 pack) is an insulated tile ideal for DIY on internal wall insulation. Thin, convenient and made for DIY with up to 40% savings. Read More

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Ultrotherm 12mm tile. Each tile measures 1000 x 500mm. Supplied in packs of 10 (5m2)


To download a technical data sheet with more information, click here.

Ultrotherm 12mm tile. Each tile measures 1000 x 500mm.

Supplied in packs of 10 (5m2)

Thermal Resistance


Improvement in thermal resistance of a solid 9” brick wall achieved by installing Ultrotherm
Thermal resistance of Ultrotherm with plaster skim 0.307 m2 K/W

Resistance of un-insulated 9” solid brick wall

0.476 m2 K/W

Resistance with Ultrotherm (excluding adhesive)

0.783 m2 K/W

‘U’ value of un-insulated 9” solid brick wall

2.1 W/m2 K

‘U’ value of 9” solid brick wall with Ultrotherm

1.2 W/m2 K

Expected service life

25 Years
Typical % improvement in ‘U’ value 40%



Fire Resistance

Ultrotherm has a ‘Class 0’ fire rating in accordance with Building Regulation Approved Document B.

Testing classification based on:

BS 476: Part 6 1989 + A1:2009 (Fire propagation)
BS 476: Part 7 (Surface spread of flame)

The polyurethane foam used in the manufacture of Ultrotherm also meets the following British Standards:

BS 5852 Ignition source crib 7
BS 6853 Annex B.2 Toxic fume
BS 853 Smoke density (3 metre cube test).



Cost Savings

  Fuel Cost Savings (£ p.a.)
Property Type Bedrooms Gas Electricity

End Terrace House

2 136 444

Semi-Detached House

3 115 376

Detached House

4 414 1350




Fuel Costs (p/kWh)







Below is a video guide on how to install ultrotherm tiles.


Below is a video of how to plaster over the endotherm tiles once installed.


Below is a video showing you how to reinstate everything you took out of your room.

IDTJ.com Ultrotherm Products - Technical Information (20141120_IDTJ_Ultrotherm_Technical_Information_1.pdf, 176 Kb) [Download]

Ultrotherm Installation Guide (Ultrotherm_Installation_Guide.pdf, 875 Kb) [Download]

Our products and solutions are no different from any other appliance buy or home/ office improvement you make.

To help makes things easier for you, we've given a guideline on the approximate skill-level and time involved in the installation of this product:

DIY: 1-2 Days

Professional: 1 Day

Please note: some of you might think you're handier than you are! This is a guideline only, intended only to help you understand how simple installation is and whom you could ask to do it for you. If you were unsure, we would recommend getting the professionals in!


Installation Guide

For more information on installing Ultrotherm, please see the following:


Video Guides

The following are the video guides that show you how to install Ultrotherm:


Installing Ultrotherm Tiles


Plastering Ultrotherm


Reinstatement Stage


Step-By-Step Guide


Step 1: Preperation

repare wall surfaces by removing wallpaper or flaky paint. PVA adhesive can be used if necessary to stabilise the surface of the wall. Ultrotherm® can be installed with or without removing skirting boards and coving. Radiators should be lifted from their brackets but the brackets themselves do not need to be removed.


Step 2: Installing Ultrotherm® Tiles

Apply Ultrotherm® adhesive to the wall surface directly from the container using a 6mm notched trowel. Once sufficient adhesive has been applied, an Ultrotherm® tile is pressed firmly on to the wall. Apply further adhesive and tiles until the wall is completely insulated. Ultrotherm® tiles should be cut around radiator brackets. These can be covered with removable strips of Ultrotherm® once the wall has been plastered. Ultrotherm® is easily cut using decorator’s scissors.


Step 3: Installing Ultrotherm® Without Removing Skirting Boards and Coving

A 15mm plastic trim bead is bonded to the plaster above the skirting board and beneath the coving using Ultrotherm® detail adhesive. The insulation tiles are then located tightly into the trim bead and pressed firmly into the wall adhesive.


Step 4: Installing Ultrotherm® Insulated Trim Beads and Reveal Tiles

Ultrotherm® insulation beads are installed with the insulation strip in contact with the window or door frame using Ultrotherm® detail adhesive. Ultrotherm® adhesive is applied to the window or door reveal using a 6mm notched trowel. Ultotherm® reveal tiles should be cut to the required size, located tightly into the insulated trim beads and pressed firmly into the wall adhesive.


Step 5: Plastering Ultrotherm®

The joints between the Ultrotherm® tiles must be covered with fibre mesh tape.
Ultrotherm® angle beads are used to form external angles. In most cases Ultrotherm® is plastered using Thistle Board finish or Multi-finish. The first step is to apply a base coat of plaster that fills-in the circular holes behind the mesh covering. The plaster should be mixed to a thicker consistency than normal for this coat. It is also possible to build-up layers of plaster in a more traditional style. Applying a coat of ‘Hardwall’ plaster before the skim coat increases impact resistance. Once the filling coat has started to set, two further coats of plaster skim are applied to the wall.


Step 6: Re-instatement Stage

reinstated. Care should be taken not to over-compress Ultrotherm® when securing skirting boards or other items back to the wall. Before re-hanging radiators, Ultrotherm® should be placed over the brackets to prevent cold spots. This also allows the radiator brackets to be easily removed if necessary. Walls can be decorated after approximately two weeks or once the plaster has fully dried.


Pdf Guide

To download a pdf guide of the above step-by-step installation instructions, click here.

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Here are just some of the ways it does the job:


  • Reduces energy bills as you need to pump less heat into the room.

Better Consumption:

  • Can reduce heat loss through by up to 40%.

Feel good:

  • Only 12mm thick so you keep maximum space in your room;
  • No need to alter the aesthetics of you room.


  • Easy to install: as simple to put up as wallpaper;
  • Plastered using traditional skill avoiding the hassle of other insulations;
  • Can be cut to fit around the windows, coving, radiators etc… in your room;
  • Bends around awkward shapes.


  • Class 0 fire rating.


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