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Heating & Cooling


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Here are just some of the ways these products do the job:


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Spending less to heat and cool your home or office primarily comes from using less energy.  If you're not using the energy, you're not paying for it.  It's as simple as that.  

It's very simple and don't listen to anyone who tells you that it isn't.  
The three main ways of doing this is are: 

  1. Reducing the heating/ cooling requirements of you space; 
  2. Be more efficient; 
  3. Have a heating/ cooling source that takes less expensive/ unsustainable power.  

Below we have long term, sustainable solutions from quicker, easier products to more permanent and efficient solutions.  They all save you money, energy and time.    

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Heating & Cooling

Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly ways of heating and cooling. Use less energy, save money, reduce bills.  

Starter Kit for Summer
£100.15 inc VAT £83.46 ex VAT
Large Ecco Stove- Wood Burning Stove
£6,636.00 inc VAT £5,530.00 ex VAT
Oval Ecco Stove- Wood Burning Stove
£6,355.20 inc VAT £5,296.00 ex VAT
Medium Ecco Stove- Wood Burning Stove
£5,342.40 inc VAT £4,452.00 ex VAT
Mini Ecco Stove- Wood Burning Stove
£3,444.00 inc VAT £2,870.00 ex VAT
Silver AG 50 Low E Solar Film
£39.00 inc VAT £32.50 ex VAT
Solar Control 20 Solar Film
£38.16 inc VAT £31.80 ex VAT
100 Litre Water Hotter - Integrated Air So...
£1,558.80 inc VAT £1,299.00 ex VAT
£155.00 inc VAT £129.17 ex VAT
Insulation Quote
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Floorboard StopGap
£4.79 inc VAT £3.99 ex VAT