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Products that save energy, money and time

Simple solutions for summer savings- reduce your consumption and save this summer

Summer is upon us whether we think it is or not. Warmer weather and more sunshine are not only great news for our mood, they also mean that we can turn off most of our heating and lighting. Now, we don’t like to think of the English sun coming with any down-sides but actually it can often lead to using more energy in other areas. Let us show you how to save energy, money and time

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Saving money and using less energy at home couldn't be easier

Stop wasting time, money and energy.
Saving it at home is one of the easiest things to do and it's a lot more natural and manageable than you think.  Everything from our quick fixes to 'get you started' to our bigger systems is designed to fit in with your lifestyle- no fuss, no fiddle, just savings.  

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Office, shop, warehouse...reduce bills, lower overheads and minimising consumption with no fuss

Business overheads are too large- whether you run a small office or a large warehouse...  You’ll notice that electricity, gas, water and maintenance take up more time and money than they should.  
Changes large and small make all the different to your running costs.  All the solutions we recommend allow you to minimise your energy consumption and save money- now and in the long term.

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Our HQ is the testbed for all our products

We are continually transforming Carlton House, a Grade II listed property, whilst maximising energy-efficiency and minimising running costs.  

Used as a testbed for all our products, we’ve restored, reduced, reused, recycled and more.  It is a working example of how natural and manageable a lower cost, lower energy lifestyle is.

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Happy customers
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    June 2014

  • “…I have been recommending... for many I don't know anyone with more expertise.  ...Always very willing to use ...[their]... considerable knowledge to offer appropriate advice for each individual circumstance and ....very helpful and competent."

    Diana, London
    June 2014

  • “…thank you for the speed and efficiency in which you supplied…LED lights.  They do produce a brighter light but generate less heat than standard bulbs.
    So thank you…for LED light that does the job perfectly."

    Ambrose, London
    March 2014

  • “how pleasant and easy it is to do business with…greatly improved the efficiency and value of my home…happy to speak with anyone who requires reassurance or information”
    Simeon, West Sussex
    July 2014
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So, how do we choose our products and what 'job' do they do?  

Reducing our consumption, whether from a green or financial or logical perspective, should be the norm.  We all want to be more efficient and minimise waste and thus save money.  In some areas we naturally buy products that cost the least to run, the most efficient: so why not in all areas?  

We also believe products should stand on their own merits.  

So, we decided to set our own criteria (or "Jobs") that all our products/ solutions must meet.  

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