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ItDoesTheJob.com HQ

ItDoesTheJob.com HQ is Carlton House.  Built in 1735 in Leytonstone, East London and was originally part of a terrace of three houses.  It is classified as a Grade II listed building and of significant architectural interest.  Most of our products and solutions are installed here.  

We are continually transforming Carlton House, preserving the original fabric of the building - whilst maximising energy-efficiency and minimising running costs. We’ve restored, reduced, reused and recycled alongside implementing imaginative products and solutions without which it would be expensive and cumbersome to run.  Now our HQ, Carlton House has gradually become an example of how simple and practical it is to sustain a lower energy lifestyle– and save money!

Carlton House is a home and office setting and so is well placed to demonstrate how natural and manageable it is for consumers to reduce consumption when making ordinary home or office improvements.  Ideally, you should be thinking of these products in the same instance as you think of other products for DIY

Solar Control 20 Solar Film
£38.16 inc VAT £31.80 ex VAT
Hedgehog Gutter Brush
£19.99 inc VAT £16.66 ex VAT
40W Guardian LED Vapour Proof
£180.00 inc VAT £150.00 ex VAT
Tuffstrip 4.8w/m Encapsulated LED Strip
£99.00 inc VAT £82.50 ex VAT
Three Way Tap
£312.00 inc VAT £260.00 ex VAT
Spara Home Edition - Energy Saving Compute...
£19.80 inc VAT £16.50 ex VAT
2000 Water Filtration System
£361.20 inc VAT £301.00 ex VAT