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What's 'The Job'?

So why did we pick the common phrase “it does the job” as our company name and motto?  

Sustainably minimising your energy consumption, whether from a green or financial or logical perspective, should be the norm.  We all want to be more efficient and minimise waste.  In some areas we naturally buy products that cost the least to run, the most efficient: so why not in all areas?  

Some people call them 'eco-products', 'green products' or 'sustainability products' but we believe that shopping smart shouldn't be marginalised.  Our products stand up on their own merits- maximising the return on your energy and money.  

So, we decided to set our own criteria (or "Jobs") that all our products/ solutions must meet.  If a product meets these critera, 'it does the job'.  

Our products lower your bills, and maintenance and operating costs.  They easily pay for themselves in these savings you make, but actually it's about ensuring you are running on less now and in the future.  

 Better consumption
We are all using too much energy- it's unnecessary and wasteful.  All sollutions minimse your consumption whilst giving you the best return on the energy you do use.  Solutions with conventional counterparts are more energy efficient whilst achieving the same or better results.  

 Feel good
It would be great if we could all immediately change our habits and adopt a 'sustainability' mindset but it's not as easy as that.  Technology and innovation should improve our lives.  All ours are picked because they allow us to maintain, if not enhance, our lifestyles whilst keeping us sustainable.  

Saving energy and money should be entirely manageable.  We pick products that are easy to understand and maintain- ideally fit and forget.  They fit your lifestyle saving time and hassle.  

It rather defeats the object of the exercise if you buy something that uses less energy but you're having to replace it frequently– it's not sustainable and is a hassle.  Our sollutions offer value, longevity and quality: saving you money in the long-run.  We've secured some of the longest warranties on all the products we sell.  


Only those products we deem good enough for our own property make it to our shop.  You see, most of our recommendations are installed at ItDoesTheJob.com HQ