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Gravity Portable Water Filtration System

Gravity Water Filtration System

Our stainless steel Gravity Water Filtration Systems require no plumbing. Our gravity filters are a portable source, free-standing source for clean, healthy, filtered water for drinking and cooking. Read More

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Our stainless steel Gravity Water Filters require no plumbing so are ideal for the following uses:

  • In the field where a regular supply of safe drinking water is unreliable or unobtainable;
  • Caravans and camping or other travelling;
  • Moving house or renting
  • Simply where a non-plumbed in solution is needed/ desired.  

A 10 year guarantee comes with all our stainless steel systems which ensure no impurities enter your water after it has been filtered.

The system is large enough to filter enough water for the day so it can just be refilled up for the next day's supply.  

When you purchase a filter system from us you automatically get put onto our complimentary reminder system so you don't have to remember when you're due for renewal.  

P.S. Recommended by Breakspear Medical Group


How It Works

These free standing units consist of two stainless steel containers with lid, tap and base ring. Impure water in the upper container percolates, under the force of gravity passes through ceramic filter candles into the lower container. A tap allows you to access pure, fresh, healthy water from the lower container.

What it Removes


Is It Removed? Travellers Cartridge UK Water Specialist Cartridge
Bacteria yes yes
Particles, Rust, Sediment yes yes
Chlorine yes yes
Trihalomethanes yes yes
Lead, Aliminium, Copper, Cadmium, Mercury no yes
Pesticides & Herbicides no yes
Phenols no yes
Solvents no yes



Diameter 216mm
Height 491mm
Working Temperature Max 40°C
Shipping Weight Approx 4kg
Twin Cartridge Capacity 40 litres per day
Quad Cartridge Capacity

80 litres per day


IDTJ.com Gravity Filter Brochure (20141114_Gravity_Filter_Brochure.pdf, 273 Kb) [Download]

IDTJ.com Gravity Portable Filter Instructions (20141114_Gravity_instructions.pdf, 58 Kb) [Download]

IDTJ.com Gravity Cartridge Changing Instructions (20150817_-_IDTJ_Gravity_cartridge_changing_instructions.pdf, 166 Kb) [Download]

Our products and solutions are no different from any other appliance buy or home/ office improvement you make.

To help makes things easier for you, we've given a guideline on the approximate skill-level and time involved in the installation of this product:

DIY:anyone; 1 hour

Please note: some of you might think you're handier than you are! This is a guideline only, intended only to help you understand how simple installation is and whom you could ask to do it for you. If you were unsure, we would recommend getting the professionals in!

All your questions should be answered here.  Even more information may be found on our factsheet and glossary pages.  

If you need further advice, then please get in touch.

  1. Are gravity filters plumbed in?
  2. What is the difference between GS2 and GS4?
  3. Which cartridges should I choose?
  4. What is a silverised ceramic?
  5. Is it safe to use the filter if it has been idle for a long period?
  6. What kind of flow rate should I expect?
  7. How much water can the container hold?
  8. Can I remove fluoride from my water?
  9. Can I remove nitrates?
  10. Can I remove limescale?
  11. How often do I need to change the cartridges?
  12. Why is my water milky?


1. Are gravity filters plumbed in?
No, gravity filters are not plumbed in, which makes them great for use in temporary accommodation or out in the field where are ready supply of potable water is unavailable. To use, simply fill the upper container with water. The force of gravity means that dirty water passes though the ceramic cartridges and clean water collects in the lower cabinet.

2. What is the difference between GS2 and GS4?
The GS2 holds 2 filter cartridges whereas the GS4 holds 4 cartridges. The extra cartridges in the GS4 allow a faster flow rate. The GS4 can produce up to 100 litres per day

3. Which cartridges should I choose?
We sell 3 types of cartridges for our gravity filters.
For untreated water, choose either ‘Jade’ or ‘Ruby’:
• ‘Jade’ silverised ceramic (S-22-LM)- removes harmful bacteria and parasites. Perfect for use with untreated water, e.g. river water, where chemical contamination is less of an issue
• ‘Ruby’ silverised ceramic (SC-22-LM)- removes harmful bacteria and parasites. With granular activated carbon for further improvement of taste and odour.
For mains tap water, choose ‘Sugalite’:
• ‘Sugalite’ silverised ceramic (SCD-22-LM)- In addition to pathogenic bacteria, the Sugalite removes organic pollutants, such as agricultural pesticides and herbicides, chlorine, and dissolved heavy metals, such as cadmium, lead, mercury and copper. Recommended for filtration of mains tap water

4. What is a ‘silverised’ ceramic?
Our ceramic cartridges are impregnated with silver which prevents bacterial growth on the cartridge.

5. Is it safe to use the filter after it has been idle for a long period?
Yes, though it would be best to sanitise the unit before using it again. Add ‘Puritabs’ or another sterilising agent to water in the upper compartment and allow the solution to pass through the normal filtration process. This will remove any build up of bacteria that may have occurred. You may also want to clean the cartridges by brushing them gently under cold running water.

6. What kind of flow rate can I expect?
The GS2 can produce up to 40 litres of pure water a day. The GS4 can produce up to 80 litres.

7. How much water can the container hold?
The lower canister should hold around 8 litres of pure water.

8. Can I remove fluoride from my water?
Yes, by using our FL-12-CP17 Fluoride Removal Cartridge in addition to your regular cartridges you can remove fluoride.

9. Can I remove nitrates from my water?
Yes. Use our ‘Jasper N’ in addition to your regular cartridges to remove nitrate.

10. Can I remove limescale from my water?
No, the gravity filter does not remove hardness from your water. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which cause limescale, are considered extremely beneficial to health.

11. How often should I change the cartridges?
We recommend that you change your cartridges every six months to a year to maintain optimum performance.

12. Why is my water milky?

When your cartridge has been replaced there can be alot of air bubbles that are introduced to the water, this can result in a "grey" or "milky" like appearance to your water.  Rest assured this is JUST thousands of tiny air bubbles that are working their way out of your system.  These air bubbles will usually work their way out of the system within a few days, however if you would like to address the problem now please see below for instructions.

Here are just some of the ways it does the job:


  • Save yourself money on buying bottled water;
  • Cartridges inside last a long time and are also cost effectively replaced;
  • Long-life filter candle can be cleaned and reused for extended life;
  • Gravity fed, no power or mains water supply required- no day-to-day running costs

Better Consumption:

  • Get thousands of litres of clean and safe drinking water from a single set of cartridges;
  • Remove the nasties from your water and be left with clean, healthy water to use for all you drinking and cooking needs;
  • High Performance Filtraton;
  • Proven protection against waterbourne disease

Feel good:

  • As our drinking water will be on tape, you’ll be encouraged to drink more water- always a good thing;
  • Chemical-Free;
  • No chemicals are required. So water tastes good at all times;
  • Some chemicals can react with natural organics in the water creating carcinogenic byproducts. No such potential with our gravity filters.


  • Compact and easy to transport;
  • Compact dimensions & light weight of the gravity systems make them easily transportable for uses from going to disaster areas to just moving house;
  • easy to operate, assemble and use. Pictorial and easy to understand instructions are included so that anyone can assemble the unit anywhere.


  • No electricity required;
  • No dependence on electricity means safe water anytime anywhere;
  • Stainless steel so built to last and with a long guarantee;
  • To use, water simply needs to be poured in the top container and after a few hours clean water can be collected from the bottom container;
  • Gravity fed, no power or mains water supply required- so very little to go wrong;
  • Simple to maintain


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